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Learning to Learn - The Principles

Learning to Learn - The Principles

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Ujang Mumu
·Sep 1, 2020·

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Hi, I am currently learning a course by Andrei Neagoie - Learning to Learn. I want to share my notes and takeaways from this course.


Key Take away:

We have to have the right mindset to make learning efficient for the long term.

Learning Vs Winning the System

How we see learning, grades, and test are not right. Learning is not studying for a test, and we have to learn the subject, not just for the sake of hacking the exam.

This is a good post by Paul Graham.

What is Success?

Success could have many meanings and overlap with other definitions. To progress, you have to have Drive and Persistence take the risk and make mistakes.

#The Obstacle

Before someone becomes an expert, he has to start as a beginner. Failure is an ingredient of success, enjoy it, and see the goal.

The Dip

With our limited plan and capability, we had to choose what path to learning. And know when to quit if it's not suited for us. Use out resources efficiently.

Compound Learning

Make learning like an investment; do it bit by bit it will compound by time. 1% improvement per day, in 70 days you're twice as good.

Failure Don't Count

People don't see your failure in the past, and people see you at your current you. To get to the success you, you need to experience failure.

Choice vs Chore

Shift the focus from something that you have to do to something that you chose to do/ will do that you want to do

It's All in The Frame

Reframe the idea, and everything is about perspective. Have a beginner mindset, shift over to what we have control

Pareto Principle

80/20 law focus on core 20% to get the 80% result

Skill Stacking

Combining multiple skills to get unique mastery rather than to focus on one expertise. You would stand out more with a pretty good level at various skills. Key behavior:

  • curiosity
  • value learning

Happiness Factors

Look at every day, what key things make you happy, find 5 to 7 points in your life. example:

  1. Working condition.
  2. Family condition.
  3. Growth rewards.
  4. Financial Condition.
  5. Fun time fulfilled.

Your Productivity Time

Find the best time that we are most productive.

Self Learning Paradigm

Self-motivation to learn each day efficiently.

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